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Print Sales

You can purchase color prints of Laurence's work directly from us.  Prints are usually printed digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Endura paper.  Both are very archival (i.e. long lasting) photographic papers.  Transparencies are digitally scanned at extremely high resolutions.  Dust spots and other flaws are removed, contrast and brightness are adjusted as necessary, and then the images are printed.  If desired, each print is then dry-mounted on acid-free art board and signed by the photographer.  All prints are custom-made to order.  Prices are as follows:

       8x10            $72.00
     11x14           $92.00
     16x20          $115.00
     20x24          $160.00
     20x30          $256.00
     24x36          $416.00
     30x40          $416.00

Shipping, unless you pick the print up in person, adds 5% to the prices listed above.  For customers in Texas, sales tax of 7.25% must be added to the price.   Larger print sizes can be made to order.  Discounts may be available for large orders.  Most of Laurence's most popular photos were shot on an original slide or negative with dimensions of 4 inches by 5 inches.  Because a 4x5 slide or negative is many times larger than a 35mm slide or negative or a file made with a digital camera, prints can be made very large without a significant loss of sharpness or increase in grain.  Call or write for prices for sizes different than those quoted above.

To order, please send payment to Laurence Parent Photography at our mail address.  Print orders usually take about two to three weeks to fill, although out-of-town photo assignments will sometimes delay the order.  Please call if you have any questions.

Black and white prints can also be purchased.  They are usually done as limited edition silver gelatin prints, usually require extensive darkroom work, and are thus more expensive that the color prints listed above.  For more information, call us at 512-847-8988.

In addition, you may also purchase prints through the following art dealer:

Mikael Henderson, Henderson/Massengill
P.O. Box 801
Utopia, TX 78884
830 966-4650


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